The 'FED'S' WAR AGAINST MEDICINAL MARIJUANA is but a [Totalitarian] example of how very SICK northamrika's POLITICS are: Net/AOL/Cmpsrv SEE Attachments

                                    Jack D. Johnson
                                    Iowans For Medicinal Marijuana
                                    P.O. Box 4091
                                    Des Moines, IA 50333

                21 Feb 97

Charles E. Grassley, U.S. Senator - Iowa
135 Hart Senate Office Bldg.
Washington, D.C.  20510-1501

RE: S 40 IS - C O N S T I T U E N T  O P P O S I T I O N   TO

    BEFORE SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE - 105th Congress, 1st Session

    S 40 IS by FAIRCLOTH, INHOFF & HELMS is A BILL "To provide "FEDERAL"

    sanctions for practioners who administer, dispense, or recommend the

    use of marihuana [SIC], and for other purposes." Ad nauseum.


Dear Mr. Grassley:

As an avowed champion of the 'representative process', unless of course you are also a 'champion liar', this is to address your DUTY to your constituents AS THEIR SENATOR and MEMBER OF THE SENATE COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY as pertains to your 'Oath of Office", to wit:

You, esteemed Senator Grassley, have sworn an oath, under God, to "... DEFEND.

The United States Constitution ...", designated with the full intent to PROTECT

all citizens against being damaged or injured by the "Federal' government,

and to protect all citizens from it's excesses.

It is my belief & professional position that the above-referenced Bill, S 40 IS, if passed, would, first, be a violation of your sworn Oath, and second, certainly be in outright violation of the 1st & 10th Amendments, in that the "... other purposes." language most apparently applies to over-rule the PUBLIC WILL of 'State" citizens in Arizona and California.

It is my belief & professional position that passage of aforesaid bill would necessarily be unconscionable & treasonous conduct by members of Congress, as that body has no authority or jurisdiction over the subject matter, ie, individual choices concerning medical treatment.


                                        Most Sincerely,

                                        Jack D. Johnson*

*This letter is authorized for release to the international media.