DEA Press Release

September 13, 1995

Legalization Is a Surrender

Today, Thomas Constantine, Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration stated that, "The findings of the 1994 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse are disturbing and paint a troubling picture of where our nation is headed unless we rededicate ourselves to fighting drug abuse on a national scale. The increase of marijuana use by our young people comes at the same time the Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse's (CASA) publishes a White paper strongly opposing drug legalization. Drug legalization is a surrender and will only lead to more addiction, more violence and more misery."

Constantine stated, "In the last year we've made tremendous inroads against the leadership of the Colombian drug mafia. Now is not the time to weaken our resolve. It is extremely important to our children's future that we, as a society, continue our efforts against drug trafficking and drug abuse."


Administrator Constantine, a long time outspoken critic of drug legalization commended the release of the study," I congratulate Mr. Califano, the scholars at CASA and Mr. Bennett for their outstanding efforts in addressing the pernicious myths propagated by the advocates of drug legalization. The debate on the legalization of drugs cannot be won if we remain silent."

Last summer, the DEA convened a meeting of police chiefs and health experts to identify ways to address the legalization issue. As a result of this meeting, a guide entitled Speaking Out Against Drug Legalization was developed. This document is available on the Internet at Its goal is to offer a strategy and resource for those who respond to the question of drug legalization.

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