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Before we present what we found out about drugs, we decided that the question, "WHAT DO DRUGS DO TO YOUR BRAIN ANYWAY?" needed to be answered. A visit to the science Lab was in order. Mr. Stewart, the science teacher, told us a lot of things to put us on the right track. Here's what he said in our own words:

Nature has tried very hard to protect the brain, and messing around with drugs can change the way the brain works naturally. When you take drugs, parts of your brain start to disagree on what to do, and that creates a big problem. In the beginning stages of taking drugs, a person may be able to make a choice about whether or not to use them. But eventually, that person won't have a choice, because he or she will probably become dependent and then addicted to the drug.

Your brain can solve problems, be creative, be logical, make plans, make wise decisions, and do almost anything else you can think of. All parts of the brain work together to keep us healthy and happy. Don't let drugs destroy this very important part of your body -- and you won't, once you GET IT STRAIGHT! THE FACTS ABOUT DRUGS.

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