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These drugs are for when you're sick. Using them when you're not sick isn't smart. Some of these drugs like Valium, Ritalin, and Tylenol with Codeine are really powerful, and only a doctor or your parents/guardians should give them to you. Many young people take Ritalin, for instance, to treat hyperactivity - but they should never give or sell it to others. Just because prescription and over-the-counter drugs are legal doesn't mean that abusing them is safe.

PRESCRIPTION DRUGS: treat pain and other health problems. They are prescribed because your doctor says you need the medicine. He or she writes out specific instructions called a prescription, which is given to a pharmacist by a parent or guardian. If you follow your doctor's prescribed directions, these drugs can make you well. If you don't follow the directions, the drugs can make you sick. In elementary school, the school nurse usually gives you these drugs. As you get older, you become responsible for taking your own medicine. Drugs prescribed to you are meant for you and you only.

STREET NAMES FOR PRESCRIPTION DRUGS: Speed, Crank, Downers, Uppers, Nod, and Bennies.

THE LOOK: Prescription drugs come in forms like pills, capsules, liquids, sprays, and inhalers.


PRESCRIPTION DRUG USE: Most prescription drugs are taken orally, although some are injected or inhaled, like those taken to control diabetes or asthma.

PRESCRIPTION DRUGS ARE LEGAL: when prescribed by a doctor and filled by a pharmacist.

OVER-THE-COUNTER DRUGS: are drugs that you can buy without a prescription. They include cold medicines, diet pills, and pain killers. They can also be dangerous when not used according to the directions.

STREET NAMES FOR OVER-THE-COUNTER DRUGS: These drugs are usually called what they're known by in drug stores.

THE LOOK: Over-the-counter drugs come in forms like pills, liquids, capsules, sprays, and inhalers.


OVER-THE-COUNTER DRUG USE: Most over-the- counter drugs are taken orally.

OVER-THE-COUNTER DRUGS ARE LEGAL: However, follow the directions for using them correctly.


There are two types of prescription and over-the-counter drugs that are abused. The effects of the drugs will vary according to how much of the drug is taken, how it is taken, how often it's taken, and the user's expectations of what the drug will do.

  1. Depressants: drugs that slow you down: In general, depressants reduce your anxiety, tension, and angry feelings.

  2. Stimulants: drugs that speed you up: Stimulants have the opposite effect on your body of depressants. In general, stimulants increase your energy.

It's important to remember that you can become dependent on depressants and stimulants. This means that your body and mind think they need the drug to function properly. A person can also become addicted to stimulants and depressants. This means that all the user thinks about is how he or she is going to get the next dose. A tolerance for these drugs can be developed too. When users develop a drug tolerance, more and more of the drug is needed in order to get the desired high.


If abused, depressants can:

  • Make you feel really tired.

  • Make it really hard to concentrate.

  • Make you feel Like you don't want to do anything.

  • Make it really hard for you to breathe.

  • Cause convulsions and seizures.

If abused. stimulants can:

  • Make you really nervous.

  • Give you stomach aches and keep you from sleeping (insomnia).

  • Make you feel really mad, scared, and/or suicidal.

  • Make you think that everybody is after you, that your friends are picking on you, and that nobody likes you (paranoia).

  • Make you see things that don't really exist (hallucinations).

  • Make you mixed up in your head. For example, rather than just being mad at your buddy for dating your girlfriend, you might think it's better to punch him out.

  • Make you hyper or sluggish.

  • Make your body shake all over.

  • Make your heart beat really fast.

My research for Posse #1 turned up some info on a drug called "Rophie" or "Roofies." It's a lot like Valium, because it slows you down. People our age are taking "Rophie" pills with alcohol. From what I've read, the drug puts you out totally. A lot of kids who have to go into drug treatment said they've used "Rophie."

I read about this kid who ended up in the hospital after he took 10 of his sister's Valium. Valium is a tranquilizer. He fell asleep and when his sister tried to wake him up, he wouldn't wake up. The doctors had to jump-start his heart, and when he woke up he was really scared. He thought that he had died or something.

When I interviewed some of my friends about over-the-counter drugs, they told me about this one guy who took 20 pills that had caffeine in them. As a result, he couldn't stand up in class and was disoriented. He really looked stupid. Another girl told me that she took some diet pills, and her heart was beating so fast that she got scared and called her Mom.


Damein: "We've all heard stories about anabolic steroids and how they are abused by people our age. I don't get it. What's so great about this drug?"

Laura: "Athletes use them to get a winning edge, but that doesn't really happen. Eventually steroids mess your body up so bad that you might not even be able to play sports."

Damein: "What are they, anyway?"

Laura: "They're artificial hormones that help people to build up their muscles."

David: "I just read that anabolic steroids make you unnaturally stronger and bigger. If you've been injured, they also make your recovery time shorter. Their abuse isn't worth it if you ask me."

Antonio: "Why's that. Gettin' stronger and bigger fast sure sounds cool to me."

Laura: "It's not cool at all! If you're a boy, you can develop breasts. If you're a girl you can grow body hair where it doesn't belong, and your voice can become so low that you sound like a boy! Steroids can also make you break out with acne and make you prematurely bald. That's only part of it, the drug can also harm the organs that produce babies, and they can stunt your growth too."

David: "That reminds me, check this out! Athletes are randomly tested for steroids and other drug use, and if they test positive, they can be kicked off the team. Their sports life is history!"

Damein: "Didn't know that. I'll pass the word on. That junk is serious."

Prescription drugs, they treat the pain,
If you use too much, they will give you no gain.
Con-cen-tra-tion - a thing they can do,
Some help you think and feel better too.
"Don't abuse them," that's the prescription.
"Don't abuse them," the right decision!

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