Frisco, Colorado Supports Medical Marijuana

From a posting by NORML

On July 5, 1994 after hearing 2 hours of testimony from a sympathetic and supportive crowd, the Frisco Town Council unanimously passed a resolution urging the state of Colorado to "reactivate the research program on the use and dispensing of marijuana for medical purposes."

The resolution goes on to say, "Whereas, upon the legislative report of findings establishing the effective use of marijuana as a therapeutic drug, the Town of Frisco strongly encourages the State of Colorado and the federal government to legalize the dispensing of marijuana for medical purposes pursuant to federal and state guidelines."

Frisco is the second town in Colorado to publicly address the ban on medical access to marijuana. In April, residents of Breckenridge voted 261-213 in favor of an ordinance ordering the police chief and district attorney to make the arrest and prosecution of those using or cultivating marijuana for medical purposes their lowest priority.

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