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What's Happening in Europe?

This site does not, at the current time, contain large amounts of information on the situation in Europe. I have found the following sites to have the most comprehensive and scholarly information. Most texts at these sites are in English. Some are also available in other languages.

ASAP - American Society for Action on Pain

Pain patients and others working for the right to adequate pain medication.

Information for Drug Policy Reform Activists -Main Page

Debate manuals, strategy, and what you can do to help promote drug policy reform.

Government Sites and DRCNet Responses
This section will include links to some of the major US Government sites related to drugs, and the DRCNet Responses

The Office of National Drug Control Policy
The web site of the ONDCP -- our Drug Czar who leads the War on Drugs
DRCNet Response to the ONDCP
Coming soon!  A complete duplicate of the ONDCP web site, complete with point by point responses.
The DEA Home Page
The web site of the Drug Enforcement Administration
The DRCNet Response to the DEA
A complete duplicate of the web site of the Drug Enforcement Administration, complete with a point by point response.

General and Entertainment

Some ha-has to brighten your day.

Carl Olsen's Marijuana Archive

A duplicate copy of the web site of one of America's leading reform activists.

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