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Medical Information


Medical Information on Marijuana

Cannabis Research Library - A collection of medical research on cannabis

Marijuana as Medicine - Assessing the Science Base - Full text of the report by the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine, 1999

Articles by Dr. Tod Mikuriya

Tod Mikuriya, MD, is a psychiatrist and Former Director of Marijuana Research for the National Institute of Mental Health

WHO Project on Health Implications of Cannabis Use: A Comparative Appraisal of the Health and Psychological Consequences of Alcohol, Cannabis, Nicotine and Opiate Use August 28, 1995

Effects of Smoked Marijuana in Experimentally Induced Asthma - American Review of Respiratory Disease, Volume 112, 1975,  Donald P. Tashkin, Bertrand J. Shapiro, Y. Enoch Lee, and Charles E. Harper

Prenatal Marijuana Exposure and Neonatal Outcomes in Jamaica: An Ethnographic Study Melanie C. Dreher, PhD; Kevin Nugent, PhD; and Rebekah Hudgins, MA

Marijuana Health Mythology by Dale Gieringer, Ph.D., Coordinator, California NORML

Cannabis Use and Cognitive Decline in Persons Under 65 Years of Age - American Journal of Epidemiology, 1999

State Statutes Recognizing Marijuana's Medical Value

Medical Use of Marijuana Act (Introduced in the House of Representatives) - June 4, 1997

Text of California's Proposition 215

Statement of the American Public Health Association in favor of Medical Marijuana

Cannabis Therapeutic Research Program - Report to the California Legislature, Prepared by the Research Advisory Panel - 1989 -- The full text of the results of the State of California's investigation into the medical uses of marijuana.
Full text of this report in a single file - about 250K

Commentary Medical Marijuana Jane B. Marmor, MD, Redwood City, California, 1998

Health Aspects of Cannabis - Dr. Leo Hollister, 1986

A Criticial Review of the Research Literature Concerning Some Biological and Psychological Effects of Cannabis by Dr. Peter L. Nelson (1993). A critical review of the research literature concerning some biological and psychological effects of cannabis. In Advisory Committee on Illicit Drugs (Eds.), Cannabis and the law in Queensland: A discussion paper (pp. 113-152). Brisbane: Criminal Justice Commission of Queensland.

Cannabis Amotivational Syndrome and Personality Trait Absorption: A Review and Reconceptualization by Peter L. Nelson, Ph.D.

Personality Trait Absorption: An Exploratory Study of Opportunity and Capacity in Relation to Cannabis Use by Peter L. Nelson, Ph.D.

Pharmacological Reviews of Marijuana -- by Leo E. Hollister, MD Veterans Administration Medical Center and Stanford University School of Medicine, Palo Alto, California from PHARMACOLOGICAL REVIEWS Copyright c 1986 by The American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics

Marijuana and Immunity - by Leo E. Hollister, MD -- Journal of Psychoactive Drugs p159-163 Vol.24 Apr-Jun 1992

Testimony of Lester Grinspoon, M.D.   Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School  before the   Crime Subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C., October 1, 1997

Medical Uses of Illicit Drugs by Lester Grinspoon and James B. Bakalar

Cannabis for Migraine Treatment: The Once and Future Prescription?: An Historical and Scientific Review by Ethan B. Russo, M.D.

Cognition and Long-Term Use of Ganja (Cannabis) Reprint Series 24 July 1981, Volume 213, pp. 465-466 SCIENCE Jeffrey Schaeffer, Therese Andrysiak, and J. Thomas Ungerleider

Plaintiff's Reply Brief -- Ralph Seeley's successful lawsuit for his own medical marijuana.

Senate Joint Resolution No. 8 - The resolution which passed the California legislature in 1993, calling for the medical use of marijuana. This resolution was vetoed by Governor Pete Wilson because he says that allowing sick people to have medicine "sends the wrong message".

Marijuana as Antiemetic Medicine: A Survey of Oncologists' Experiences and Attitudes by Richard Doblin and Mark A. R. Kleiman

Psychiatric Aspects of Marijuana Intoxication -- Samuel Allentuck, MD, and Karl Bowman, MD

Therapeutic Application of Marijuana - Dr. Robert Walton.

An Incident in Kansas - A tale of the harassment meted out to a 100 percent legal medical marijuana user.

The health and psychological consequences of cannabis use - National Drug Strategy Monograph Series No. 25 - By the Australian Government

Marinol Facts -- The pharmaceutical facts about Marinol.

Marinol Advertising Brochure (Graphic files - approximately 250K each)

The Marinol Web site

Breckenridge, Colorado endorses medical marijuana

Frisco, Colorado endorses medical marijuana

Full text of resolution proposed to the City of Bainbridge Island, Washington

Alameda County Supports Medical Marijuana

Santa Cruz County Measure A Marijuana For Medical Use Initiative -This measure was passed by over 75% of the vote.

Sonoma County Approves Medical Marijuana

Marijuana Smoking as Medicine, A Cruel Hoax by Gabriel G. Nahas, M.D. and Nicholas A. Pace, M.D.

Marihuana as Medicine: A Plea for Reconsideration by Lester Grinspoon, MD James B. Bakalar, JD Journal of the American medical Association, June, 1995

Marijuana Compassion Clubs by Tim Whitmire Associated Press, August 10, 1995

Berkeley, CA City Council Zoning Ordinance on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries - Passed, November 18, 1997

Information for Physicians -- Nausea and vomiting - from CancerNet from the National Cancer Institute's PDQ System -- Contains a discussion of nausea and marijuana.

References on Multiple Sclerosis and Marijuana

Editorial from USA Today supporting medical marijuana 7-18-96

Cannabidiol: The Wonder Drug of the 21st Century?

Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Constituents of Cannabis Sativa

Effects of Cannabidiol in Huntington's Disease

Beneficial and Adverse Effects of Cannabidiol in a Parkinson Patient with Sinemet-Induced Dystonic Dyskinesia

Marijuana and Tourette's Syndrome

Therapeutic Possibilities in Cannabinoids, The Lancet, 1975

Cannabinoids Block Release of Serotonin in Migraine Patients

Hemp - Its History - Traditional and Popular Application

Effect of Cannabinoids on Spasticity and Ataxia in Multiple Sclerosis

Treatment of Human Spasticity with Delta-9 THC - Denis J. Petro, M.D., and Carl Ellenberger, Jr., M.D. Bronx, NY J Clin Pharmacol. 1981; 21: 413S--416S

Ulcerative Colitis and Marijuana, Annals of Internal Medicine, Volume 112, Number 6, 15 March, 1990, p. 471

US Court of Appeals Decision re Medical Cannabis - 1994

DEA Marijuana Decision 21 CFR Part 1308 Docket No. 86-22

JENKS v. FLORIDA, 582 So.2d 676 (Fla.App. 1 Dist. 1991)

Antipyretic, Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol in the Rat, European Journal of Pharmacology 24 (1973) 1-7, Donald S, Kosersky, William L. Dewey, and Louis S. Harris

Cigarettes, Alcohol and Marijuana: Varying Associations with Birthweight, International Association of Epidemiology, Vol. 16, No. 1 1987, Jennie Kline, Zena Stein and Michelle Hutzler

Enzymatic synthesis of anandamide, an endogenous ligand for the cannabinoid receptor, by brain membranes. by Devane WA; Axelrod J

Lifetime Prevalence of "Amotivational Syndrome" Among Users and Non-Users of Hashish, by David F. Duncan, Department of Health Education Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Marijuana and the Brain, by Jon Gettman

Prenatal Marijuana Exposure and Neonatal Outcomes in Jamaica: An Ethnographic Study by Melanie Dreher, PhD; Kevin Nugent, PhD; and Rebekah Hudgins, MA, "Pediatrics" Vol. 93 No. 2 February 1994

Report of the Lynn Pierson Therapeutic Research Program

Regular Pot Smoking Won't Kill, Kaiser Researchers Determine David Perlman, San Francisco Chronicle, May 15, 1997

Researcher Calls Claim Of Over 10,000 Studies Documenting The Harmful Effects Of Marijuana Groundless NORML News, June 1996

BMA Report Calls for Change in Law and Development of New Cannabis-based Medicines British Medical Association Press Release, 18 November 1997

Does Heavy Marijuana Use Impair Human Cognition and Brain Function? JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association - Volume 275(7) February 21, 1996 pp 560-562

Marijuana Analog Benefits Brain Injured Patients - Press release for new medicine, from Pharmos Corporation, October 7, 1998

Articles by Tod Mikuriya, MD

Tod Mikuriya, MD, is a psychiatrist and Former Director of Marijuana Research for the National Institute of Mental Health

Cannabis 1988, Old Drug, New Dangers - The Potency Question

Introduction from Marijuana: Medical Papers

Cannabis as an Adjunctive Treatment for AIDS Related Illness.

Cannabis as an Adjunctive Treatment for AIDS Related Illness. Part 2

Possible Therapeutic Cannabis Applications for Psychiatric Disorders

Safe Use of Cannabis

Consuming Cannabis Safely

Medicinal Uses of Hemp Drugs

Marijuana Medical Handbook

Marijuana Addicts Anonymous by Lance B., submitted by Tod Mikuriya, M.D.

Marinol and Cannabis

Chronic Migraine Headache: five cases successfully treated with Marinol and/or illicit cannabis.

Cannabis and Marinol in the treatment of Migraine Headache

Toxic Effects of Marijuana

For New Users of Cannabis: The Reynolds Protocol:

Cannabis Medicinal Uses at a "Buyers" Club

Songs by Tod Mikuriya (At least he has a sense of humor!)

Vaporization of Cannabinoids: a Preferable Drug Delivery Route


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