Songs by Tod Mikuriya

I'm Glad I'm not an Okie from Muskogee

They rot their minds and bodies with white lightning

Strewing highways with slaughters of the drunks.

While the cops are busy raiding bedrooms

Of the marijuana smoking leftist punks.


I'm glad I'm not an Okie from Muskogee

Where the mind and the conscience are asleep.

Frightened and kept ignorant from childhood,

Is it any wonder that they act like sheep.

The local campus hero is the jock strap

Scholarship and brand new shiny car.

Making business good for the abortionist

Who pays the sheriff who owns the local bar.


Sex education was sent her by the devil.

We hear a pious aging preacher bray.

Keep our children just as ignorant as we were,

As the welfare roles keep growing day by day.


American Legion and VFW Veterans

March down a flag- draped main street twice a year.

Then sit around swilling beer and watching pornies,

Just in case you'd wonder if they're queer.


Nixon, Mitchell, Agnew were their heroes,

And the indo china war's a holy cause

The widow's flags draped on our sons' pine boxes

Repay us for a war outside the laws.


This Land is Their Land


This land is their land.

It is not our land.

From Sacramento

To the Federal wasteland.

Bought and paid for by special interests.

This land is not for you and me.

1) They keep on censoring,

They go on lying

While friends are sick

Loved ones lay dying.

Depression and pain leave us all sighing.

This land is not for you and me.


(2) The years go by with each commission.

Deaf ears to truth

And we keep wishin'

For common sense and abolition.

Change the laws and make us free.


California Pandering

(to the tune of "Wandering")

(1) They`ve been pandering early

They`ve been pandering late.

FromSan Diego up to Humboldt State.

And it don`t look like they`re ever going to cease their panderin`.

(2) We can`t be too careful.

That`s an easy thing to say.

If we`re ignorant and stupid

Facts can`t get in the way.

And it don`t look like they`re ever going to cease their panderin`.

(3) What is this wrong signal

They might have to send?

For some the herb is medicine,

An old and useful friend.

And it don`t look like they`re ever going to cease their panderin`.

(4) Our great prevention governor

Assassin of our youth

Lock em up and keep em dumb

Don't let them know the truth

Believe me, he's never gonna quit his pandering

(5) Our pudgy White House waffler

Who never did inhale

The deaf and blinded congress

Wants to put us all in jail

And it don't look like they're ever going to cease their panderin

(6) So keep on with the struggle

For compassion, love, and trust.

California needs drug laws

That protect, and are just

But it looks like they're never gonna cease their panderin.


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