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Medical Marijuana Approved in Sonoma County

Miracle On Administration Drive

By: Lazar Yersersky On Tuesday,

October l2, 1994 before a standing-room-only crowd at the County Supervisors' hearing, Sonoma County at last passed a resolution approving the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Presented by Ernie Carpenter, supervisors Tim Smith and Mike Cale voted for. Nick Esposti was the sole vote against. The resolution, written mainly by Carol Miller, who, in spite of bringing up a gang of kids with Michael, living on a remote mountain without a car for at least a year, not to mention fighting Lymes disease all the while, never flagged in her mission of freeing marijuana for medical use. Dr Tod Mikuriya, author of the authoritative "Medical Marijuana Papers," spoke first. Caregiver "Brownie" Mary Rathburn testified to a standing ovation for her work and her indomitable spirit. Dennis Peron, who ram- rodded the SF ballot victory, spoke, and Bruce Sloan gave them what-for as only he can do, with his testimony before the supervisors and with his nifty sign to "Repeal Hemp Prohibition and Restore Health" outside. Then the parade of patients began: Patti, Beth, and Barb with AIDS. I use first names only because these very ill people are criminals as things stand--or at least stood before today. Patti drove herself to the hearing even though she was almost too sick to talk. Beth, a cancer patient, spoke. Chuck, an asthmatic, literally given the breath of life by a few daily tokes of marijuana, was there. And a phys ed teacher half crippled with a back injury suffered when a drunk ran into his car, explained that only marijuana stopped his debilitating muscle spasms, allowing him to stretch and heal his back when synthetic pharmaceuticals, with their often toxic side effects, could not. Sara was there suffering from giardia that wasted her away until marijuana cured the awful nausea and allowed her to eat. Linette, who was busted for two plants in Fairfax, was there. Now we must unite in support of Sen. Henry Mello's Medical Legalization Bill on the state level. And federal bills S. 784 and H.R. l709, which will roll back restrictive regulations on nutritional products and medical herbs (including cannabis) need our support. We must now endeavor to get the ear of Bill Clinton or maybe Hillary. Congratulations to S.C.R.A.P. and to everyone who worked so hard and so long to get to this point.

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