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The Road to Eleusis

  Unveiling the Secret of the Mysteries

    R. Gordon Wasson, Albert Hofmann, Carl A. P. Ruck

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Foreword - R. G. Wasson
The Wasson Road to Eleusis (R.G.W.)
A Challenging Question and My Answer (A.H.)
Solving the Eleusinian Mystery (C.A.P.R.)
Ancillary Data
The Homeric Hymn to Demeter (tr. Danny Staples)
Documents (C.A.P.R.)

The Road to Eleusis  original ©1978 by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
ISBN 0-15-625279-1
Twentieth Anniversary Edition ©The R. Gordon Wasson Estate
Published by: Hermes Press — William Dailey Rare Books Ltd.
ISBN 0-915148-20-X

Selections from The Road to Eleusis appear in The Psychedelic Library
by permission of the publisher.

To Richard Evans Schultes, Ph. D., M. H. (Hon.)
Pioneer Explorer of Psychotropic Plants in the New World
Holder of the Paul C. Mangelsdorf Chair in the Natural Sciences
Director and Curator of Economic Botany
Botanical Museum of Harvard University

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