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  Peyote Wisdom


"morning peyote"
by Rance Hood (Comanche) 1969


by Guy Mount, from THE PEYOTE BOOK, editor and copyright, Guy Mount, 1993.
Available from Sweetlight Books

The Botany of Peyote

by Edward F. Anderson, Chapter 8, Peyote, The Divine Cactus.

Peyote Night

by Humphry Osmond. This article originally appeared in Tomorrow magazine, Spring 1961.

Recollections of the Peyote Road

by George Morgan, Chadron State College, Chadron, Nebraska.

Friend to the Ute

Omer C. Stewart Crusades for Indian Religious Freedom : Colorado Heritage, 1982.

The History of Peyotism in Nevada

by Omer C. Stewart, Nevada Historical Society Quarterly Vol 25, No 3, Fall 1982.

Shamanism and Peyote Use Among the Apaches of the Mescalero Indian Reservation

L. Bryce Boyer, Ruth M. Boyer, and Harry W. Basehart, from Hallucinogens &Shamanism
Edited by Michael J. Harner. 1973, Oxford University Press.

Apparent Safety of Peyote

from: American Journal of Psychiatry, 1971.

Antibiotic Activity of Peyote

from Economic Botany, David L. Walkington, 1960.

Peyote and the Law

by: Guy Mount, from THE PEYOTE BOOK, editor and copyright, Guy Mount, 1993.

California Law

Pertaining to transportation, sale, giving away, planting, cultivating, etc. peyote.

Texas Court Decision

Ruling against Peyote Way Church of God, October 28, 1988.

U.S. Supreme Court Decision

Oregon Dept. of Human Resources, et.al., vs. Alfred L. Smith, et.al., decided April 17, 1990.

A Real Commitment

from: PEYOTE RELIGION: A HISTORY by Omer C. Stewart, 1987.

The Church of Father Peyote

by: Carl A. Hammerschlag, M.D., Psychiatrist and Teacher.

The Lens of Perception

by: Hal Zena Bennett

The Peyote Foundation Website

"...Dedicated to the protection and promotion of the peyote cactus and its sacramental use..."

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