Legislative Questionnaire

Over the past several years, thirty-seven states have passed legislation allowing medical patients to receive marijuana. Iowa's version was signed into law by the Governor of Iowa on June 1, 1979, after passing in the Iowa Senate by 46 to 0, and in the Iowa House by 68 to 26. In March of 1992, that legislation was effectively nullified when the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the only legal source of marijuana in the United States, decided to stop the supply. Remedial legislation is necessary.

QUESTION: Will you lend your support in demanding that the Federal Government allow Iowans with legitimate medical needs to use marijuana for medical purposes?



Not sure


Senate/House District

Attached documents:
1. Senate Joint Resolution 10
2. Pilot Tribune: "Marijuana: Politics vs. medicine (7/11/95)
3. Pilot Tribune: "Dose of Compassion" (7/11/95)
4. Des Moines Register: "Group fighting for medical use of marijuana" (8/6/95)

Results of our 1994 legislative survey
Results of our 1995 legislative survey