Is this any way to run a hemp fest?
You decide.  Let us know what you think.

Iowa NORML wants to know what you think about in-your-face stoner politics. Check out the flyer below, then read the news stories.  Send us your opinions (using the link at the bottom of this page), and we'll publish them in our next newsletter.

Flyer for the Quad Cities Hemp Fest (May 18, 1996)

Melee erupts at hemp event (May 19, 1996)

Hemp Fest turns violent (May 19, 1996)

Hemp Fest may move to private property (May 21, 1996)

Hemp Fest vows to return (May 21, 1996)

Hemp Festers & Davenport Police Department Both Played a Part (June 12, 1996)

Rally Report by Chris Rice (June 26, 1996)

HEMPSTERS (June 26, 1996)

A CALL TO ACTION! (June 26, 1996)

STOP THE WAR! (June 26, 1996)

WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP? (June 26, 1996)

PRESS RELEASE by Chris Rice (July 16, 1996)

RALLY REPORT by James Getman

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