DRCNet Response to the
Drug Enforcement Administration
Speaking Out Against Drug Legalization

The Ten Claims

DEA Statement


The three groups discussing legalization at Quantico touched on a number of significant issues. It was evident to the participants that the pro-legalization arguments have remained fairly consistent over the years and that there are ten major claims that can be made in opposition of legalization.


It is evident to us that the DEA is not keeping up with the arguments. We shall examine all ten of their claims here, and we shall provide the evidence to disprove all the claims.
We have attempted to provide the ten simple, compelling claims to help you frame your arguments against legalization. The claims are backed up by facts, quotes and statistics. Periodically, these will need to be updated to ensure that the most current information is being used to craft arguments against legalization. As we shall demonstrate, their facts, quotes, and statistics leave much to be desired.


Claim I:
Crime, Violence and Drug Use Go Hand-in-Hand.

Claim II:
We Have Made Significant Progress in Reducing Drug Use in this Country. Now Is Not the Time to Abandon Our Efforts.

Claim III:
Legalization of Drugs Will Lead to Increased Use and Increased Addiction Levels.

Claim IV:
Any Revenues Generated by Taxing Legalized Drugs Would Quickly Evaporate in Light of the Increased Social Costs.

Claim V:
There Are No Compelling Medical Reasons to Prescribe Marijuana or Heroin to Sick People.

Claim VI:
Legalization and Decriminalization of Drugs Have Been a Dismal Failure in Other Nations.

Claim VII:
Alcohol Has Caused Significant Health, Social and Crime Problems in this Country, and Legalized Drugs Would Only Make the Situation Worse.

Claim VIII:
Drug Control Spending Is a Minor Portion of the U.S. Budget, and Compared to the Costs of Drug Abuse, Spending Is Minuscule.

Claim IX:
Drug Prohibition Is Working.

Claim X:
Drug Legalization Would Have an Adverse Effect on Low-Income Communities.


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