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Reunion News

December 3, 1994

Yes, just when you thought you would never hear from any of us again, it is time to start planning for the next major debacle, the family reunion of 1995. I did not attend the last reunion in Washington myself and I understand that the turnout was lower than any time in recent memory, primarily because of a persistent rumor that Bill Henry would show up. He did not show up, to the great relief of everyone in the family and Washington's farm animals, too. Laurence is the organizer of the 1995 reunion and says that he has taken steps to have guards posted to prevent Bill Henry from showing up. Therefore, he says, we will not have to worry about Bill Henry's ugly mug spoiling any of the group pictures. He probably would have spent most of his time doing the Morris Moon anyway.

Laurence, as you all know, is now a married man which just goes to prove that the laws against such things are not tremendously effective. He wrote me to tell me that he had been laid up recently due to a heart bypass operation (apparently the doctors found that his heart served no useful purpose) and an operation for a blood clot in his leg. Both of these problems, he said, were the result of what could be politely described as an overly strenuous honeymoon, which he related at great length, and was obviously confused with some things which actually happened in high school. Men really don't need drugs because they have women. Barbara, his bride tells a somewhat different story, with considerably fewer disgusting details. In any event, he says that he is recovering nicely now and will be just as gross and disgusting as we all have gotten used to, and even come to cherish. Like Don Morris, he is something of a gem in his own right.

I have not been in touch with many of you so I cannot relate a lot of news about other people. I can assure you it is a great relief. However, on my own front, some significant things have happened. As far as my campaign to get our drug laws changed, there has been more success than we had dared hope. Far too much has happened, even in the last six months, for me to relate it all so I will stick to some of the highlights.

Legalization proponents are formidable opponents. The group acknowledged that proponents of legalization are generally well-prepared and credible people whose arguments, though compelling, are faulty. Proponents effectively use lawyers and public relations firms to espouse liberalization of drug policies.

Shortly after their booklet was published I got a call from a publisher asking me to do a book in reply to theirs, which you should see in the bookstores next year.

But enough about politics. Now we will go on to the sordid details of the next reunion.

Reunion Details

When           July 8 and 9, 1995                                          
Saturday and Sunday                                         

Where          Picnic Area C                                               
               Finley Park, at the corner of Stony Point Road and College  
               Santa Rosa, California                                      

Directions:    From Highway 101, take Highway 12 west one mile and turn    
               north on Stony Point Road.  The park is at the fourth stop  
               There is a map attached to this newsletter, but it was      
               based on something drawn by Laurence so I cannot verify     
               its accuracy.                                               

               Any child who is not living within thirty feet of you is    
               considered a separate household.  That's you, Alyssa.       

Bring          Locals should bring one main dish such as beans, salad,     
               etc.  Laurence always recommends that somebody bring beans  
               and says that, despite his recent medical problems he will  
               be "in tune".                                               
               Out-of-towners should bring appetizers and desserts.        

Where to       Sandman Motel -- (707) 544 8570                             
Stay:          Super 8 -- (800) 800-8000                                   
               Days Inn -- (800) 325-2525                                  
               Los Robles -- (707) 545-6330                                
               Laurence says they are all close and have restaurants       

Supplies:      Safeway, Albertson's, and Longs Drugs are a half milefrom   
               the park.  Safeway has an excellent deli.                   

Other:         The park has swimming pools, which Laurence says cost a     
               bundle.  It also has volley ball, horse shoes (for those    
               of you who don't have your own shoes), tennis, covered      
               pavilions with barbecues, handicapped access and restrooms  
               (I'll bet you are all glad of that!)  It also has a very    
               nice playground.