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Drug Control: The Office of National Drug Control Policy--Strategies Need
Performance Measures

(Testimony, 11/15/93, GAO/T-GGD-94-49).

The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) was created in 1988
to develop a national drug control policy, coordinate and oversee
implementation of the strategy by federal drug control agencies, and
evaluate and revise the strategy yearly.  Given the persistent severity
of the drug problem and the large number of federal, state, and local
agencies working on it, a continuing need exists for a central planning
agency to lead and coordinate the nation's war on drugs.  GAO agrees
with the administration that ONDCP should be reauthorized.  However,
ONDCP needs to develop better program evaluation measures for assessing
progress under the annual drug control strategies, such reductions in
hard-core drug use.  In addition, ONDCP and the drug control agencies
needs to cooperate more in developing and assessing drug control policy,
particularly in the area of data collection.  Further, the law should be
changed to afford ONDCP greater flexibility over the conduct of drug
control budget reviews and certification.

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     TITLE:  Drug Control: The Office of National Drug Control 
             Policy--Strategies Need Performance Measures
      DATE:  11/15/93
   SUBJECT:  National policies
             Drug abuse
             Controlled substances
             Intelligence gathering operations
             Drug trafficking
             Law enforcement
             Interagency relations
IDENTIFIER:  National Drug and Alcoholism Treatment Unit Survey
             NIDA National Household Survey on Drug Abuse
             National Drug Control Strategy

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