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NSIAD-98-231, Sept. 23, 1998 (13 pages). DOD Counterdrug Activities: Reported Costs Do Not Reflect Extent of DOD's Support. [Text] [PDF]

The Defense Department (DOD) provides personnel, equipment, and facilities to support U.S. drug interdiction and other counterdrug activities. The Office of National Drug Control Policy reported that DOD's fiscal year 1999 budget request for these activities totaled $882.8 million. Members of Congress have questioned whether the reported funds reflect the full extent of DOD's support. This report determines, for fiscal years 1994 through 1998, (1) the total operating and support costs associated with counterdrug activities and (2) the share of the original procurement costs of those weapon systems most often used by the active component in counterdrug activities. GAO also determines, for the same period, the amount of assistance that DOD provided under the Foreign Assistance Act to foreign countries to support counterdrug efforts.