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T-NSIAD-98-249, Sept. 16, 1998 (11 pages). Drug Control: Observations on U.S. Counternarcotics Activities, by Henry L. Hinton, Jr., Assistant Comptroller General, before the Western Hemisphere, Peace Corps, Narcotics and Terrorism Subcommittee, Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, and Senate International Narcotics Control Caucus. [Text] [PDF]

This testimony on U.S. efforts to combat the flow of drugs into the United States draws on three GAO reports on U.S. counternarcotics efforts in the Caribbean, Colombia, and Mexico (GAO/NSIAD-98-154, June 1998; GAO/NSIAD-98-60, Feb. 1998; and GAO/NSIAD-98-30, Oct. 1997). GAO discusses the (1) challenges of addressing international counternarcotics issues and (2) obstacles to implementing U.S. and host-nation drug control efforts.