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Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics

Section 1

Characteristics of the criminal justice systems

The tables in Section 1 describe the organization, financial expenditures, and employment of law enforcement, courts, and corrections systems in the United States. Also included is selected legislation relating to municipal curfews, firearm restrictions, and alcohol use. Among the contributing sources are the U.S. Department Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics; International City/County Management Association; Federal Bureau of Investigation; Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts; National Center for State Courts; American Judicature Society; American Correctional Association; and Federal Bureau of Prisons.

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Expenditures for criminal justice activities
Corrections expenditures
Federal budget authorities for criminal justice activities
Federal drug control funding
Employment and payroll for criminal justice activities
State and local law enforcement personnel and departments
Local police and sheriffs' departments
State and local police agencies with 1,000 or more officers
Campus law enforcement
Employment, payroll, and personnel expenditures for law enforcement
Salaries for police officers and other law enforcement personnel
Workload, budget, and staff of the U.S. Marshals Service
Appropriations, salaries, and personnel for the Federal judiciary
Characteristics of Presidential appointees to Federal courts
Criminal cases filed per judgeship in U.S. District Courts
Duties performed by magistrates in U.S. District Courts
Number and term of State court judges
Qualification requirements, salaries, and selection process for State court judges
Staff and budget of judicial conduct organizations
Prosecutors' offices
Utilization of petit and grand jurors in U.S. District Courts
Jury fees in State and Federal courts
Drug courts
Investigative reports by Federal probation officers
Correctional facilities
Correctional system personnel
Shock incarceration programs
Private correctional facilities
Federal Bureau of Prisons facilities and staff
State and Federal paroling authorities
Activities of the U.S. Parole Commission
Curfews in large U.S. cities
Statutory provisions on firearms
Statutory provisions related to alcohol use and driving

Tables and figures