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Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics

Section 6

Persons under correctional supervision

Section 6 focuses on persons on probation and parole, the number and characteristics of jails and jail inmates, and characteristics of State and Federal prison populations. Also included is information on sex offenders in custody, prisoners with HIV, persons serving a military prison sentence, and prisoners serving a death sentence and those executed. The data presented come from a variety of sources including the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics; the Federal Bureau of Prisons; the U.S. Parole Commission; the American Correctional Association; and CEGA Publishing.

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Adults under correctional supervision, trends
Adults on probation
Persons under supervision of the Federal Probation System
Federal probationers terminating supervision
Adults in prison or jail, trends
Number and characteristics of jail inmates
Jail inmates with HIV/AIDS
Prisoners in jails due to overcrowded State facilities
Prisoners in State and Federal institutions
Prisoners over age 55
Number of State and Federal prisoners per 1,000 index/violent crimes
Violent offenders: new court commitments, releases, and time served
Population and characteristics of prisoners in Federal institutions
Noncitizens in Federal prisons
Time served by Federal prisoners
Juveniles in Federal prisons
Sex offenders in State and Federal prisons
Military correctional facilities
Escapes from correctional facilities
Releases from State and Federal institutions
Adults on parole
Prisoners admitted to State and Federal institutions for violations of parole or conditional release
Prisoners granted parole by the U.S. Parole Commission
Discharges from Federal parole supervision
State and Federal prisoners with HIV/AIDS
AIDS-related and other deaths among sentenced prisoners
Deaths and assaults among inmates and staff
Prisoners under sentence of death
Movement of prisoners under sentence of death
Prisoners removed from death row
State and Federal prisoners executed
Methods of execution in States

Tables and figures