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A Personal Experience with DARE

From: (name withheld at writer's request)

Newsgroups: alt.activism,misc.consumers,talk.politics.drugs,alt.drugs

Subject: Re: Shell is sending a penny per gallon to DARE!!! How DARE they! :)

Date: 13 May 1995 05:54:34 GMT

DARE also has a big problem passing misinformation. I've personally heard them tell kids that recreational drugs are far more dangerous and KILL more people than alcohol! That's just not fact...

A few years ago my niece turned her father in for pot after being interrogated by DARE officers in the principle' s office at her school in a very small town. My niece claims they told her that her parents had a

crack problem. She claims all she said was that she knew her parents smoked pot in college and once she thought she smelled it at home. Being a small town ... they ran out and got a search warrant and searched their home and their two adjoining home businesses a beauty salon and a green house/nursery. After ripping apart their home and businesses they found nothing!

But the trauma of being told their daughter turned them in for crack and having their home torn apart with about 6 officers in front of their neighbors has about destroyed that family and their businesses. They are reluctant to pursue a lawsuit because their daughter is involved & they'd like to put it behind them.

Thanks Dare!.


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