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Charts and Graphs About the Drug War

Drug Related Deaths - Number of deaths per year attributed to illegal drug use. Includes opiates, cocaine, PCP, amphetamines.

Substance Abuse Related Deaths - Number of deaths per year due to various substance. Includes tobacco, obesity, alcohol, opiates, cocaine

Substance Abuse Related Deaths - Includes obesity, tobacco, alcohol, illicit drugs

Substance Abuse Related Deaths - Magnified view of deaths from illicit drugs.

Habitual Use Potential - Percent of people who ever used a drug who are currently using the drug.

Risk of Death - Deaths per year per 100,000 people at risk related to various factors

Homicide Rates from 1900 to Present - Rate per 100,000 Population

Federal and State Prisoners- Inmates sentenced to a maximum of one year or more.

Homicide Motives - Reasons for murder in the United States

U.S. War Casualties - Compared with casualties from AIDS as a result of the War on Drugs.

Drug War Costs -- The Financial Costs of the War on Drugs

The Drug Deficit - Estimated Drug Profits leaving the United States

Federal Drug Abuse Budget - Past Expenditures of the Federal Government for the War on Drugs.

Property Seizures - Percent of people with property seized who are not charged with any crime.

Value of Asset Seizures - Breakdown of assets seized which are under $50,000 as opposed to over $50,000. This chart demonstrates that most asset seizures are not against big time dealers.

Average Sentence Length in Months - This chart shows the trend in the length of prison sentences for violent crimes as opposed to drug offenses.

Annual Deaths from Drugs in the US

Arrests for Drug and Alcohol Violations in the US 1940-1990

Distribution of all Drug Arrests Since 1941 by Decade

Relative Addictive Properties of Six Psychoactive Substances

Homicides and Prisoners in Custody

Sentenced Prisoners in State and Federal Institutions 1960-2000

Estimated Arrests for Drug Offenses 1983-1992

Arrests and Lifetime Substance Use and Abuse by American Adults (1985 data)

Lifetime Substance Use and Abuse by American Adults

Lifetime Use of Alcohol, Nicotine, Cannabis, and Cocaine Among American Adults

Age at First Use of Selected Substances

Lifetime Use of Four Substances by Educational Level

Lifetime Use of Sedatives/Tranquilizers, Stimulants, Hallucinogens, Inhalants and Opiates

Lethal Doses of Selected Drugs

Daily Use of Drugs by Young Adults

Arrests for Alcohol, Violence, and Drug Offenses as Percentages of All Arrests

Homicide Rate and Receipt of Prisoners 1910-1987

Alcoholic Expenditures as Percentages of Total Consumption Expenditures 1933-1989

Per Capita Expenditures on Total Consumption and Alcoholic Beverages (1982 Dollars) 1933-1989

The Crime Boom 1950-1987

More Homicides, More Prisoners - Rates per 100,000 Population 1910-1990

DEA Charts - Includes World-Wide Cocaine Production, Cocaine Seizures, Heroin Seizures

Volstead Act Statistics - Alcohol Prohibition - 1920-1929

Percentage of People Who Believe that Marijuana Should Be Legalized

Drug Law Enforcement Expenditures and Drug-Related Deaths

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