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David McDonald

David McDonald is a Senior Criminologist at the Australian Institute of Criminology. He holds the degrees of BA, DipSocWk (Syd), MA (Alta), and GradDipPoplnHlth (ANU). Mr McDonald's research interests lie in the areas of custodial health, policing and drug and alcohol policy. Prior to joining the Institute in 1992, Mr McDonald held a research appointment in primary health care at the ANU's National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health. He has wide experience in research, program development and evaluation in the drug and alcohol field, having established the Northern Territory's drug and alcohol services and served, for two years, as Director of the NCADA's National Drug Abuse Information Centre. His publications are mainly in the fields of alcohol and other drugs, correctional health, primary health care and Aboriginal health.

Rhonda Moore

Rhonda Moore is a Researcher in the Politics Department at the University College (UNSW), Canberra. She holds a BA from Sydney University and a Postgraduate Diploma of Librarianship from UNSW. She has worked as a contract researcher in the UK, Canada and Australia, primarily in the fields of criminology and political sociology, and since 1987 has done research on drug use in Australia.

Jennifer Norberry

Jennifer Norberry BA(Hons), LLB(Hons), Dip Lib is a lawyer employed at the Australian Institute of Criminology. Her research interests include illicit drugs policy, HIV/AIDS and prisons and environmental crime.

Grant Wardlaw

Grant Wardlaw BA, MA(Hons), PhD (Auckland), BA(Soc Sci) (Deakin), Grad Dip Intl Law (ANU). Dr Wardlaw is Director of Wardlaw Consulting Pty Ltd and currently acts as a consultant to the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department and a number of other government agencies. Prior to this, he held senior research positions in the Australian Institute of Criminology (1976-1991) and worked as a clinical psychologist with the New Zealand Department of Justice (1974-76). Dr Wardlaw has published widely in the areas of drug policy, drug law enforcement, and epidemiology of drug use. He is a member of the Commonwealth's Drug Abuse Research and Education Advisory Committee, and a number of other advisory boards. Dr Wardlaw has led a number of major drug research projects funded by the Australasian Police Commissioner's Conference, the National Campaign Against Drug Abuse, and the US Department of Defence.

Nicola Ballenden

Nicola Ballenden BA(Hons) was employed as a research officer on the project. She is currently completing her Masters at the University of Melbourne. Her research interests include mental health law, drugs and medico-legal issues.

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