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Local Activist Groups

Some of the local groups around the world working for drug policy reform.

If you would like your group listed here, please send the information to:

State/Country City Details
Canada Cannabis Culture Magazine

Contact Dana Larsen at:

Canada Ottawa, Ont. Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy

Contact Eugene Oscapella at:

Canada Victoria, B.C. Canadian Media Awareness Project

Contact Matt Elrod at:

Canada Victoria, B.C. Canadians for Safe Access

Contact Phil Lucas at:

New Zealand National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, NZ Inc. 

Contact: Chris Fowlie 

Office: 60 Queen Street 
Auckland, New Zealand 
Mail: PO Box 3307 Shortland St Auckland 1015 
Phone: +64 9 302-5255 
Fax: +64 9 303-1309 


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Connecticut Efficacy 
P.O.Box 1234 
Hartford, CT 06106

Western Connecticut State University NORML Student Center 181 White Street Danbury, CT 06810 contact: tom@ 860 646-0555

Hawaii The Hawai`i Drug Policy Options Group (HDPOG) was formed in 1993 by a group of concerned citizens seeking to open the discussion on alternativaes to current drug policy.

General meetings are scheduled around public presentations by local as well as visiting experts on drug policy issues. Members of HDPOG conduct research, provide legislative testimony, and promote drug policy options through the media.

For further information, contact Don Topping <>.


E.J. Pagel, Director

P.O. Box 1786

Rockford, Illinois 61110-286

[800] 501-3753

Iowa Drug Policy Forum of Iowa

Table of Contents

FIJA - Fully Informed Jury Association - Iowa

New York Kew Gardens Citizens Against the Drug War

84-128 Austin St.

Kew Gardens, NY 11415


Contact Info: Scott Dykstra -

2255 State Road
Mosier, OR 97040

E-Mail: Web Site:

Founded in 1982 - Approach based on personal responsibility and informed decision making.

Oregon   crrhbanner.gif (30304 bytes)
Texas Houston Drug Policy Forum of Texas
 1425 Blalock Road, Suite 109 Houston, TX 77055-4446

Contact Al Robison, phone (713) 266-4329.

We meet at 7:00 pm on the 3rd Monday of each month at Palmer Episcopal Church.

Dallas Contact Alan Bryan, phone (214) 827-1514.


Regular Meeting: 2nd Monday of each month, call for details.


Virginians Against Drug Violence {VADV} is a voluntary grassroots association of persons who participate in activities directed at ending the drug war in our state. We have a vision of peace, which recognizes prohibition as a failed concept that encourages imprisonment and other dehumanizing acts which are not good ways to achieve temperance and cause great harm.

Washington Bellingham Bellingham/WWU Drug Policy Reform Group. 
Post Office Box 29446
Bellingham, Washington 98228-1446. 
(360) 715-0249 or (360) 650-0748. 

The first objective of the Bellingham/Western Washington University Drug Policy Reform Group is to provide the WWU campus community and the Bellingham public with informative and educational information about current drug policy reform in the United States.

Contact info: Tyree Callahan, Director

US Nationwide Voluntary Committee of Lawyers

The VCL is an association of lawyers and judges whose members share strong misgivings about the wisdom and consequences of American's perpetual drug war. While favoring no specific drug control policies, the VCL seeks to promote, within the legal profession and beyond it, informed and honest discussion about the objectives of the drug war and its costs to our cherished institutions of liberty and justice. This is the view of one of our founders, and former United States Attorney General, Elliot Richardson.


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