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MR. OLMAN. From what I have heard here, and from has been remarked by Mr. Hester, I do not know as I shall take any time of the committee at all, because I am in the same both that Mr. Moksnes is, and Mr. Johnson is.

I would like to mention just one or two things, Mr. Chairman, and that will be all, but I think we can iron it out with Mr. Hester, for instance, the discussion as to what is a mature plant. Now, we cut the plant before that, in the pollen stage. They are not mature according to our understanding.

This is one point I would like to ask Mr. Hester. Another point, of course is the definition of "producer", so we can qualify as a producer. We are "dealers" under the fill, but we would like to qualify as "producers".

Then another thing is that for instance a farmer wants to grow 2 acres or 4 acres of hemp, and he has to go before the collector of internal revenue and give such information as is wanted, and then get his permit. Now, I think that can be ironed out. If he has to do that, 60 or 70 off our farmers will have to drive 70 miles to Milwaukee.

SENATOR BROWN: I think you can work that out.

MR, HESTER: No, they just write a letter to the collector, that is all.

MR. OLMAN: And, of course we were afraid of the transfer tax, and so on.

I was interested in the question you asked the doctor, Mr. Chairman, and that was with reference to supervision or inspection. I believe that we are in a position to give the Government a great deal of help in supervising and inspecting and reporting the growth of hemp.

SENATOR BROWN: For your producers?

MR. OLMAN: In our vicinity. I thank you.


SENATOR BROWN: How long a time will you gentlemen want to submit to the committee such representations as may be agreed upon? Would Wednesday morning be about right?

MR, HESTER: That would be fine.

SENATOR BROWN: Suppose, Senator Herring, we agree on 10 o'clock Wednesday morning for an executive session on this measures, unless there is a serious disagreement. If there is you gentlemen, who are in disagreement, can come in.

MR. OLMAN: I am sure there will not be.

MR, HESTER: Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman.


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