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As authorized by the Governor of Kentucky





94 - 1211

November 23, 1994

Secretary of State




WHEREAS, the agriculture industry within the State of Kentucky is a $3.2 billion business which must be protected so as to preserve its unique character and long-term economic viability; and

WHEREAS, the Kentucky agricultural industry provides jobs for 250,000 and generates as much as $20 billion in related sales and servi.ces annually; and

WHEREAS, Kentucky tobacco farmers are now earning less and less from the State's leading cash crop with the prospect of even more severe and substantial economic losses; and WHEREAS, Kentucky farmers have the potential to produce supplemental fiber crops which are already used in other countries for making paper, fuel, cooking oil, fabric and bedding for livestock; and

WHEREAS, there is a need to now critically examine and study in a more positive and constructive way the possibilities of developing viable, economically sound, and environmentally desirable supplemental crops for Kentucky agriculture; and

WHEREAS, hemp and related fiber crops are indigenous to Kentucky but, because it has been illegal to grow since 1937, no significant research or development has been undertaken concerning the many legal uses of fiber crops and their potential for being a supplement to growing tobacco by Kentucky tobacco farmers:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Brereton C. Jones, Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, pursuant to the authority vested in me by KRS 12.029F do hereby order and direct the follo wing:

1. The Hemp and Related Fiber Crops Task Force is hereby created and established. The Task Force shall report directly to the Governor.

2. The mission of the Task Force will be: (a) to identify and report on the current legal use and potential legal use of hemp and related fiber crops for commercial enterprise purposes; (b) to provide an overview of the historical uses of hemp and related fiber crops prior to 1937, as well as its contemporaneous legal use in other countries and corresponding programs for monitorization; ( c ) to identify methods of selective breeding of hemp plants and related fiber crops for the purpose of removing or producing low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol; (d) to identify and report on companies in the United States which are currently using in their manufacturing process hemp based and related fiber crops; (e) to determine the marketability and economic competitiveness of products which are produced from hemp and related fiber crops and identify the technology needed for growing and processing the plants; (t) to work with the executive and legislative branches on legislation, policies, and programs for promoting a concerted effort to seriously look at and examine hemp and related fiber crops production as a supplemental crop to tobacco And develop recommendations for research programs and budget request for the continued study and examination of the potential developmental uses for hemp and related fiber crops.

3. The Task Force shall complete its work and deliver its recommendations to the Governor and Department of Agriculture by October 30, 1995.

4. The Task Force shall be attached to the Office of the Governor for administrative and staff purposes.

5. Members of the Task Force shall be reimbursed for actual expenses, if anyt incurred while attending meetings.

6 The Governor's Office shall take all actions necessary to effectuate the provisions of this Order. 7. The chairperson shall be appointed by the Governor from the membership of the Task Force.

8 The Task Force shall consist of the following individuals:

Ed Logsdon


Department of Agriculture

Capital Plaza Tower

Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

Billy Joe Miles

2700 Keller Road

Owensboro, Kentucky 42301

Theodore Ray-Broida

290 South Ashland Avenue

Lexington, Kentucky 40502

Joe Wright

Star Route

Harned, Kentucky 40144

Jerry Lovitt


Department of Kentucky State Police

91,9 Versailles Road

Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

William R. Sprague


Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation

Post Office Box 20700

Louisville, Kentucky 40250-0700

Dr. Luther B. Hughes, Jr.


Department of Agriculture

Western Kentucky University

Bowling:G.Leeii, Kentucky 42101-3576

Dr. C. Oran Little

Dean, College of Agriculture

University of Kentucky

S-123 Agriculture Science Center

Lexington, Kentucky 40546-0091

James E. Claycomb

Office of the Governor


Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

Mark Farrow

State Representative

2785 Stamping Ground Road

Stamping Ground, Kentucky 40379

Dr. Danny Britt


Department of Agriculture

Eastern Kentucky University

Richmond, Kentucky 40475

Dr. Eldon Heathcott


Department of Agriculture

Murray State University

Murray, Kentucky 42071

Harold Ronell Benson, Ph.D.

Land-Grant Programs

Kentucky State University

Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

Dr. Lane Cowsert


Department of Agriculture

Morehead, Kentucky 40351

Gale Glenn

2612 Basin Springs Road

Winchester, Kentucky 40391

Jake Graves

301 East Main Street

Lexington, Kentucky 40507

Hal Hamilton


Community Farm Alliance

200 S@

Berea, Kentucky 40403

Further, I hereby designate Billy Joe Miles, Owensboro, to serve as Chairman of the Task Force.

Please issue to them commissions.


Commonwealth of Kentucky


Secretary of State


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