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How You Can Make Cash Donations

to Support the Schaffer Online Library

Introduction and Explanation

Where the Contributions Go

Snail Mail Contributions

Contributions by 900 number

Contributions by credit card (coming soon)

Introduction and Explanation

We are talking about money, so let's be frank. This library is free and open to the public without any charge whatsoever, and it will remain so as long as I am able to manage it. But it does take more than a fair amount of time, labor, and money to make it happen. Cash contributions are always appreciated and are a real help in getting the resources we need to build the library.

I have received small contributions from time to time but they do not match my own personal out-of-pocket expenses by any means, and probably never will. While I will accept contributions from anyone who wishes to give, there is no reasonable expectation that this effort will ever produce a profit for me.

I now have more than 50,000 pages of material to scan, type in, or otherwise add to the library, much of it sent in by major researchers around the world. For the vast majority of it, I will have to donate my own time to the cause, or persuade my wife to do it, taking time away from efforts which might have earned us a better income. Some of this information is just as fascinating as the best of the pieces which are already up there.

You can make a general contribution to the library as a whole. In this case, we will use the money toward the projects which we currently feel are the top priority.

You can make a specific contribution to a particular project. You may select one of the works in progress on the Specific Contributions page, our you may write in your own ideas for what you would like to see done with the money.

Where the Contributions Go

Contributions made through this screen are made to Clifford A. and Yvonne Schaffer as individuals and are not tax-deductible. There is no formal organization behind this effort, either profit or non-profit. It is provided and maintained by individuals only.

How do you know that we will use the money for the stated purpose? Well, the best answer is that we have been doing this for several years without any contributions, and we will continue to do it regardless of whether you or anyone else contributes. You must have some faith that we, as individuals, will use your contribution for the stated purpose. If you don't have faith in that, based on past performance, don't make a contribution.

How to Contribute by 900 Number

You can make a contribution by calling a 900 number and the contribution will be billed to your phone bill.

  1. When the operator answers, give them System ID 2009421
  2. The operator will give you a numeric code in return.
  3. Enter the code and your information in the form below, and click on the submit button.


Contribution Form

Please note: All information is optional, except the code obtained from the 900 number.

Code received from the 900 number:


E-mail Address:

Street address:

City: State: Zip code:


If you are in a foreign country and your address doesn't fit above, please enter it here.

If you would like to fund a specific effort, please describe it here.

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