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Comments on Narcotic Drugs


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Interim report of the Joint Committee of the American Bar Association and the American Medical Association on Narcotic Drugs

by Advisory Committee to the Federal Bureau of Narcotics

JULY 3, 1958.

Note: To fully understand this document, and the context in which it arose, you should also read these other documents which are in the Schaffer Online library:

Composition of the Committee

Sen. Hale Boggs, Chairman, United States Congressman from Louisiana; Author, Boggs Act of 1951, and co-author, Boggs-Daniel act of 1958.

Hon. Victor H. Blanc, District Attorney, Philadelphia, Pa., narcotic expert, appeared before Pennsylvania Legislature on Narcotic Control Measures.

Dr. Edward R. Bloomquist, Member, medical faculty, College of Medical Evangelists, Los Angeles, Calif.; narcotic expert; author of articles on addiction in medical profession.

Dr. Charles T. Brown, Consulting psychiatrist, Santa Rosa Hospital, San Antonio, Tex.; chief psychiatric consultant, Salvation Army Hospital, San Antonio; Fellow, Society for the Study of addiction, London, England; Formerly chief, Mental Hygiene Consultation Clinic, United States army Medical

Field Service School.

Sen. Price Daniel, Governor of Texas, co-author of Boggs-Daniel Act of 1956, formerly United States Senator from Texas.

Hon. Henry Ellenbogen, Presiding judge, Criminal Courts, Pittsburgh, Pa.; author of addresses on narcotic control before Pennsylvania Grand Jury, reprinted in Congressional Record.

Howard B. Fonda, Formerly president, American Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association.

C. Aubrey Gasque, Esq., General counsel, Subcommittee on Improvements in the Federal Criminal Code, Committee of the Judiciary, United States Senate.

Rodney Gilbert, expert on Far Eastern narcotic problems; formerly foreign correspondent and editorial writer, New Pork Herald Tribune.

Dr. James A. Hamilton, associate clinical professor of psychiatry, Stanford University School of Medicine.

Malachi L. Harney, superintendent, Division of Narcotic Control, State of Illinois.

Dr. John C. Krantz. Jr., professor of pharmacology, Bressler Research Laboratory, University of Maryland; author of film script Drug Addiction: a Medical Hazard.

Alvin I. Krenzler, Esq., formerly assistant attorney general, State of Ohio; counsel and director of Ohio narcotic investigation; drafted Ohio narcotic legislation.

Hon. William T. McCarthy, district judge, United States Court, Boston, Mass.; author of a Prosecutor's Viewpoint on Narcotic Addiction.

Hon. J. D. McCarty, assemblyman, Oklahoma Legislature; author of narcotic legislation.

Hon. J. Frank McLaughlin, district judge, United States Court, Honolulu, T. H.

Hon. Twain Michelsen, judge, Superior Court, Ban Francisco, Calif.; expert on narcotics; author of Lindesmith's Mythology.

Dr. James C. Munch, Department of Pharmacology, Hahnemann Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa.

Dr. William F. Quinn, secretary-treasurer, Los Angeles County Medical Association; senior member; formerly president, California State Board of Medical Examiners.

Hon. Thomas J. Runfola, assemblyman, New Pork Legislature; author of narcotic legislation.

Miss Elizabeth A. Smart, legislative director, National Woman's Christian Temperance Union.

Frank J. Smith, formerly supervisor, Bureau of Narcotic Control, New York State.

A. L. Tennyson, chief counsel, Bureau of Narcotics.

Hon. William F. Tompkins, formerly assistant attorney general, United States Department of Justice; coauthor, Traffic in Narcotics.

George H. White, district supervisor, United States Bureau of Narcotics, San Francisco.

Lynn A. White, deputy chief of police; commander, Personnel and Training Bureau, Los Angeles Police Department; formerly head, Narcotic Division, Los Angeles Police Department.