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The Rufus King Collection
Comments on Narcotic Drugs


Comments on


Interim report of the Joint Committee of the American Bar Association and the American Medical Association on Narcotic Drugs

by Advisory Committee to the Federal Bureau of Narcotics

JULY 3, 1958.

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The Economic and Social Council

a. Recalling resolution 548 I (XVIII) and the recommendations contained therein ;

b. Noting that in their annual reports certain countries have provided statistics of addiction that are of great value;

c. Recognizing that such statistics and the information regarding the extent and character of drug addiction which they involve are necessary for effective counter measures against addiction;

d. Noting that the work undertaken by the Social Commission in the field of prevention of crime is parallel in a number of respects with the work of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs;

1. Requests the Secretary-General to continue to collect information and pursue his studies on aspects of drug addiction in consultation with the World Health Organization, the Social Commission of the United Nations and other bodies concerned;

2. Notes the view expressed by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs that in the treatment of drug addiction methods of ambulatory treatment and open clinics are not advisable;

3. Expresses its appreciation of the assistance given by the World Health Organization and requests the Organization to prepare:

(a) an up-to-date study on appropriate methods for treating drug addicts ;

[(b) information on methods and precautions which could assist the medical profession to prevent the falsification of prescriptions for narcotic drugs;]

4. Recommends that governments concerned take appropriate measures (i) to establish, if they have not already done so, the necessary arrangements for collecting information on the extent and character of drug addiction in their countries, and (ii) to submit such statistics on the lines of the form of annual reports as revised by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs.