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Comments on Narcotic Drugs


Comments on


Interim report of the Joint Committee of the American Bar Association and the American Medical Association on Narcotic Drugs

by Advisory Committee to the Federal Bureau of Narcotics

JULY 3, 1958.

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Comment by Hon. VICTOR H. BLANC, District Attorney, Philadelphia, Pa.

Our records are perfectly clear that the narcotics raids conducted during 1955, 1956, and 1957 in Philadelphia resulted in a marked falling off of part one offenses (major crimes) in our city. The following figures establish this fact. They are for a period of 2 months before each raid and 2 months following each raid. I sincerely trust that these figures will be of some value for our committee's final report.

Raid Before After Percentage Decrease
April, 1955 6,390 4,417 30.9
May, 1956 6,178 4,302 30.4
April, 1957 6,564 5,666 13.7