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The New York Times May 11, 1913, Page 1
Novel Method of Preventing Mistakes in St. Louis Hospital.

Special to The New York Times.

ST. LOUIS, May 10. --- Sleigh bells tinkled in all the wards of the City Hospital to-day. There was such a merry concert as the nurses moved from place to place that the curiosity of the patients was aroused. They found that the bells were chained to the necks of bottles containing poisonous drugs. Every time a nurse picked up a bottle of carbolic acid the noise of the bells attracted not only her attention, but that of all the patients in the ward.

Dr. Wayne Smith, Superintendent of the hospital, issued an order to put bells on the poison bottles after Thomas Adams, an attendant at the City Hospital, had been indicted for giving carbolic acid to a patient by mistake. The patient died.