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The New York Times May 3, 1916

Persons Licensed to Sell Them Must File Inventory of Stocks.

Special to The New York Times.

WASHINGTON, May 2. --- All persons who are required under the terms of the Harrison act to register with Collectors of Internal Revenue as dealers in narcotics drugs will be asked to file an inventory of the stock of such drugs they may have on hand at the time of the application. The purpose of this requirement is not only to keep account of the amount of such drugs consumed and to regulate their use, but is expected also, by means of the new regulation, to make a very nearly accurate census of the amount of drugs brought into the United States every year. The text of the new regulation is in part as follows:

"Every person, firm, or corporation making application for registration must at the time of applying for such registration prepare an inventory of all narcotic drugs and preparations on hand at the date of application. Where a registered person at some fixed date annually takes a stock inventory, either at the close of the business fiscal year, or of the calendar year, such inventory showing the quantity and names of narcotic drugs and preparations on hand on the date next preceding the date of application for registration may be filed in lieu of the annual inventory required at the date of registration.


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