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The New York Times August 30, 1926
America's Resolution Calling for End of Traffic Adopted in Geneva.
Copyright 1926, by The New York Times Company.
Special Cable to The New York Times.

GENEVA, Aug. 29. --- After being defeated in a subcommittee, a resolution on the drug traffic offered by Stephen G. Porter of Pennsylvania was carried by a substantial majority yesterday in the Interparliamentary Union Executive Committee for Special and Humanitarian Questions.

Mr. Porter's resolution recommended "for the consideration of the groups in the Union that the Interparliamentary Union urge the Governments concerned to set a definite term, not to exceed fifteen years, within which the manufacture of, trade in and use of prepared opium within their respective territories and possessions shall be finally and completely suppressed."

At the same time Representative Porter succeeded in preventing the adoption of a resolution recommending ratification by the interested Governments of two conventions drawn up in Geneva last year.

This is considered by opponents of the drug evil as the greatest victory since ratification of the Hague Convention.

The Hague Convention provided for the suppression of the drug evil without setting a definite time limit. The Geneva conventions of last year made a slight advance on this, but were regarded as insufficient by some, who feared that ratification at these conventions would postpone for years the convocation of another conference which would really take effective steps to suppress the drug evil.

Mr. Porter's work, in which he was assisted by Representative Burton and Senators Swanson, Caraway and Harrison is considered a big step toward a new conference, which, it is hoped, will be held in the United States.