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THE NEW YORK TIMES November 10 1929
German Physician Uses Psychoanalysis To Open Sanatorium

HALLE, Germany (AP).--- A sanatorium for the cure of "dope fiends" within six weeks will be opened shortly in Moesslitz Castle, between Halle and Leipzig, by Dr. Fritz Meyer, who for twelve years was himself addicted to morphine.

Dr. Meyer, after fifteen unsuccessful courses of treatment, asserts he has been finally cured, by psychoanalysis. He will treat his drug patients according to a method gleaned from his personal experiences, which he is convinced will enable him to perfect cures in at least one-fourth of the time required by other institutes.

The cure is introduced with the immediate suppression of the accustomed narcotic. During the first few days the patient is kept by a soporific in a state of trance to enable him to overcome the nervous effects of abstention from his habitual drug.

Then follows the actual treatment, consisting of psycho-analytical suggestions leading to the disclosure of the patient's inner life back to his childhood with the object of creating in him an entirely new initiative and will power.

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