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The New York Times January 10, 1923
Labor Secretary Backs New War on Drug Traffic
Special to The New York Times.

WASHINGTON, Jan. 9.--- Secretary Davis endorsed today the idea of a national campaign against the peril of habit-forming drugs. In a telegram to W. Lee Provol of Chicago Secretary Davis said:

"The American home must be protected from the most treacherous agency known to man and science, that evil which the innocent user of habit-forming drugs cannot himself combat, the treachery of one's will to himself and his soul. If one only be saved from the agonies of this vice the cause is worth while, but I am confident that the campaign will be far-reaching in its effect."

The Labor Secretary's telegram was an endorsement of a resolution of the Greater Chicago Lodge of the Loyal Order of Moose, which is about to launch a nation-wide campaign against the drug evil.