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The New York Times November 20, 1948

PARIS, Nov. 19--- Plenipotentiaries of forty-seven countries, including six nonmembers of the United Nations, at a ceremony here today signed a protocol establishing international control over synthetic narcotics.

The protocol affords "striking proof that quick international action is indeed a possibility when the will to do it exists," Secretary General Trygve Lie declared in a message read by Assistant Secretary General Henri Laugier, who presided at the ceremony.

Ratifications by twenty-five signatory Governments are required for it to come into force.

Under the protocol all drugs capable of producing addiction, no matter what their composition, are placed under the jurisdiction of international bodies set up by the League of nations to control manufacture and distribution of opium, hashish, cocaine and other natural narcotics. The control bodies will fix the amount of synthetic drugs such as amidon and demerol that each country may manufacture or import to fill legitimate medical and scientific needs.

Any country exceeding its quota will be liable to sanctions.