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Other Items of Interest

Sentencing Project Reports

The Collected Writings of Joseph McNamara

Joseph McNamara is a former police chief in Kansas City, Mo. and San Jose, Ca.. He holds a doctorate in public administration and is presently a research fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution. This collection includes his published articles over the last few years.

A Plea for Sanity by Michael Booth, 1996. Comments on the current situation in Australia.

Black Judges on Justice - Book review.

Study: Teen Drug Use Rises - Dec. 15, 1995 -- News Article

Abraham Bill Passes Friday Night As Senate Rejects Sentencing Commission's Lighter Sentences 9-29-95 PRNewswire

Prisons-R-Us Article on the American Correctional Association "prisonfest" held 9-95 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Netherlands Revises Drug Policy - News Article 9-15-95


Ruling aids grower of "medicinal" pot BY CAROL M. OSTROM Seattle Times staff reporter 10-3-95

Kids Drink, Use Drugs to Cope - Summary of survey

Prepared Statement of Steven Wisotsky, Professor of Law, Nova University Law Center, before the select committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control, House of Representatives, Concerning: A New Beginning in U.S. Drug Policy, September 29th, 1988, pp.410-454.

The Pathology of Drug Abuse - The Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education. Like all pathological material, it shows some rather extreme and plainly disgusting effects of drug abuse. It is good to remember that not all casual wine drinkers wind up with the awful effects described on this page.

 Sources of Information for further research.

Partnership for a Drug Free America -- Sources of Funding from 1988-91

How Americans Die - This page contains some miscellaneous stats on how Americans die, and other subjects.

The Dollar Cost of Punishment - miscellaneous notes and references regarding the costs of punishing people for drug offenses.

Drug Laws in South America

Activist Books - A list of recommended reading for political activists.

Criteria for Addiction

The Marijuana Referendums: Bolstering the Therapeutic State by Dr. Thomas Szasz

The MDMA Molecule - a picture

Works by David F. Duncan, Dr. P.H., CAS

The DEA Budget and Drug-Related Deaths - a chart showing the relationship

A New Direction for Drug Education: Harm Reduction, by Dr. David F. Duncan, Dr. P.H., CAS

Dutch Drug Policy: A Model for America?, by Dr. David F. Duncan, Dr. P.H., CAS

Cultivating Drug Use: A Strategy for the Eighties, By David F. Duncan, Dr. P.H., and Robert S. Gold, Ph.D, Dr. P.H.

Data for a Harm Reduction Study, by David F. Duncan, Dr. P.H.

Harm Reduction, An Emerging New Paradigm for Drug Education

Rethinking Drug Policy Options: Getting Beyond Prohibition versus Legalization

The Prevention of Primary Prevention, 1960 - 1994: Notes toward a Case Study

Works by Jeffrey Schaler, Ph.D.


"Psychiatric Science"


Freedom, Psychiatry, and Responsibility

Selling Water by the River, The Project Match Cover Up

An Unscientific PostScript

Smoking Right and Responsibility

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