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The Tod Mikuriya Collection

Tod Mikuriya, MD, is a psychiatrist and Former Director of Marijuana Research for the National Institute of Mental Health

A Fiscal Analysis of Marijuana Decriminalization - Fiscal Analysis of the Effects of Marijuana Decriminalization on the Criminal Justice System in California

Cannabis 1988, Old Drug, New Dangers - The Potency Question

Introduction from Marijuana: Medical Papers

Cannabis as an Adjunctive Treatment for AIDS Related Illness.

Cannabis as an Adjunctive Treatment for AIDS Related Illness. Part 2

Possible Therapeutic Cannabis Applications for Psychiatric Disorders

Safe Use of Cannabis

Consuming Cannabis Safely

Medicinal Uses of Hemp Drugs

Marijuana Medical Handbook

Marijuana Addicts Anonymous by Lance B., submitted by Tod Mikuriya, M.D.

Marinol and Cannabis

Chronic Migraine Headache: five cases successfully treated with Marinol and/or illicit cannabis.

Cannabis and Marinol in the treatment of Migraine Headache

Toxic Effects of Marijuana

For New Users of Cannabis: The Reynolds Protocol:

Cannabis Medicinal Uses at a "Buyers" Club

Songs by Tod Mikuriya (At least he has a sense of humor!)

Vaporization of Cannabinoids: a Preferable Drug Delivery Route