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Welcome to Sourcebook - 1995

The Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics brings together data about all aspects of criminal justice in the United States. Available at this site are the 654 tables and 5 figures, compiled from over 100 sources, that comprise the 23rd edition of the Sourcebook. This project is conducted by the Utilization of Criminal Justice Statistics Project at the Hindelang Criminal Justice Research Center, University at Albany, Albany, New York, USA, for the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics.

See About Sourcebook for information on data coverage and reliability, reporting periods, table and figure preparation, symbols used in the tables, how to order a paper version, and how to contact Sourcebook.

The electronic versions of Sourcebook tables and sections are presented, as published, in Adobe Acrobat format. Acrobat files can be viewed, searched, and printed on any platform once the free reader is installed on your computer. You can get the reader appropriate for your computer at the Adobe Web site.

Table of contents

Section 1
Characteristics of the criminal justice systems

Presents data on the number and types of criminal justice agencies and employees, criminal justice expenditures, workload of agency personnel, and so on. It also includes tables that summarize, State by State, the statutory, regulatory, or administrative characteristics and practices of criminal justice agencies.

Section 2
Public attitudes toward crime and criminal justice-related topics

Presents the results of nationwide public opinion polls on such matters as fear of victimization, the death penalty, gun control, drug use, and ratings of law enforcement and judicial system performance.

Section 3
Nature and distribution of known offenses

Presents data from several indicators of the extent of illegal activities. The surveys of individuals and households that may have been victims of crime, proportions of persons reporting that they have used various drugs or participated in other illegal activities, and law enforcement agency counts of offenses reported to them.

Section 4
Characteristics and distribution of persons arrested

Includes tabulations of arrestees by age, sex, race, and area; proportions of known crimes cleared by arrests; and counts of illegal goods and assets seized.

Section 5
Judicial processing of defendants

Presents data on the number of juveniles and adults processed through the courts and on the characteristics, dispositions, and sentences of defendants.

Section 6
Persons under correctional supervision

Presents data about persons on probation and parole, juveniles in custody, persons in local jails, population and movement of inmates in State and Federal prisons, and characteristics of State and Federal prison inmates. The section also presents data on offenders executed and offenders currently under sentence of death.